Dear Partner!

We’d like to inform you that our company will have winter shutdown between 16.12.2023 and 01.01.2024. During this period the office and the plant will be closed, the deliveries and production will stop.

The first working day will be on 02.01.2024

Please calculate your deliveries and orders accordingly.

Thank you for you patience and understanding.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Magyar Géprongy Ltd.

Based on almost two decades of textile recycling experience in 2009 the Magyar Géprongy Kft. started its independent operation in the field on the cleaning rags producing.

In order to guarantee to our partners that the products we produce is delivered in excellent quality we work in accordance by our high quality standards. Besides of our wide range of products, we place the greatest emphasis on ensuring the high quality we are accustomed to and expect from our partners as well as on the accurate and precise fulfillment of orders. Our current capacity enables the production of 1.5 million kgs/year in our 1500 m2 factory hall. We export the vast majority of these to many countries in Europe.

We buy our cleaning rags material as unusable clothes from large textile sorting companies of the EU.

Raw materials can get to the producing just after a strict sorting method, when we categorize  them according to the quality.

During cutting, in addition to achieving the right shape and size, we also place great emphasis on removing all buttons, buckles, zippers, clasps, velcro, ironed stickers and other offensive objects from textiles.

The Cleaning rags what we made are clean and free from any dirt.

The size of the cleaning rags after the cutting is around 50×50 cm, in case of some product it may differ.

We basically work with cotton materials, but our second-class products have approx. 20-30 % synthetic fiber and beside minor defects in shape, size and aesthetics are permitted.

Our webshop works on Hungary, in case of foreign order please contact us.

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